Pasta pikante pesto

45 minutes / 4 people
Pasta pikante pesto


  • 2 el olijfolie
  • 350g (Italiaanse) worst van varkensvlees
  • 500g pappardelle pasta
  • 2 uien
  • 2 tenen knoflook
  • 2 rode paprikau0092s
  • ½ glas droge witte wijn
  • 190g Saclà Pesto piccante al peperone
  • 2 el verse oregano of peterselie
  • Versgemalen zeezout en peper


Put the capers in warm water and leave for 30 mins. Cook the pasta following package instructions, drain lightly and put in a bowl. Stir in the Saclà Olive & Tomato pasta sauce and mix well. Serve immediately garnished with drained capers, the basil and freshly grated Grana Padano.